Water and Irrigation (Qualities)

/Water and Irrigation (Qualities)

Moderator & Chairperson: Prof. Alex Furman, Associate Professor, Technion

08:30-09:00: Dr. Jose Enrique Fernandez Luque, Senior Researcher, Institute of Natural Resources and Agobiology, CSIC Seville – How far are we from effective irrigation scheduling”

09:00-09:20: Dr. HP Singh, Director, Jain Irrigation systems & Chairman ASSOCHAM , India

09:20-09:40: Dr. Shmuel Assouline, Senior Researcher, ARO Volcani Center – Long-term irrigation with treated wastewater: Effects on soil properties and growth conditions

09:40-10:00: Dr. Alon Ben-Gal, Senior Researcher, ARO Volcani Center – Salt of the earth? The potential and challenges of irrigation with non-conventional water sources

10:00-10:20: TBA

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