Protected Cultivation and Plant Protection

/Protected Cultivation and Plant Protection

Moderator: Dr. Arnon Dag, Researcher, ARO Volcani Center

15:20-15:50: Prof. Dani Steinberg, ARO Volcani Center – Management of bacterial canker of tomatoes grown under net in semi-arid conditions

15:50-16:10: Dr. Hagai Yasuor, Researcher, ARO, Volcani Center – Heat Stress in Protective Vegetable Crops, Mechanisms and Agronomical Challenges

16:10-16:30: Ms. Alona Ron-Snir, CEO, DryGair Energies – Innovative solution for controlling humidity within the growing facilities/ greenhouse

16:30-16:50: Prof. Avital Bechar, ARO, Volcani Center – Robotics for precision agriculture tasks in protected crops

16:50-17:10: Dr. Meir Teitel, Senior Scientist, ARO, Volcani Center – Methods for the reduction of heat load in protected crops under warm climatic conditions

17:10-17:30: TBA

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