Global Projects

/Global Projects

Moderator: Mr. Zvi Herman, Executive Director, LR Group

15:10-15:35: Keynote: Prof. Dr. Bekir Erol AK, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Turkey – The impact of Atatürk Dam on horticultural and field crops at southeast anatolian region

15:35-16:00: Keynote: Mr. Frank DiBello, CEO and President of Space Florida Corporation – Discovery science from space towards solutions to agriculture and water challenges

16:00-16:20: Mr. Arnon Rosenbaum, VP Projects & Business Development, Netafim – Bridging the water gap with micro-irrigation technology. Ramthal Lift Irrigation Project – Case study of the world’s largest drip irrigation project

16:20-16:40: Dr. Patricia Imas, Chief Agronomist, Fertilizers Ltd. – Potash for Life – A large scale project for last-mile knowledge delivery to farmers on balanced use of fertilizers in India 

16:40-17:00: Mr. Moti Harari, Flowers and Garden Plants Head Researcher, Southern Arava R&D  – Furrows in the desert- Agricultural development project, Turkana, Kenya

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