Israel Innovation Authority Presentations to Start-Up Companies

/Israel Innovation Authority Presentations to Start-Up Companies

10:00-10:15: Moderator & Keynote: Ms. Anya Eldan, Vice President, Start-Up Division, Israel Innovation Authority – Agriculture – Growth Engine?

10:15-11:00: Start-Up Pitch:

  1. AGROWING – Agrowing has vast experience in video and image compression and processing, as well as intimate knowledge of the way cameras and sensors work.
  2. CROPX TECHNOLOGIES LTD. – Cropx offers an integrated hardware and software system for measuring soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity and sending that data to the cloud where it can be accessed from any mobile or fixed device.
  3. EDETE – Edete Precision Agriculture Technologies is solving the world’s ever-growing pollination challenge by developing and manufacturing an efficient, automated fruit orchard pollination system and providing optimized pollination services to companies and growers.
  4. FIELDIN TECH – FieldIn is an end-to-end pest management software solution for professional growers of specialty crops. We help growers and large grower organizations save money on more efficient crop protection practices, reducing overall use of pesticides and eliminating spray mistakes.
  5. MANNA IRRIGATION INTELLIGENCE – The Manna Irrigation Intelligence solution is a sensor-free, cloud-based software that provides growers with irrigation recommendations, crop monitoring maps and irrigation planning tools.
  7. TRELLIS – Trellis uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to help you understand and predict real-time threats to your supply chain, including missed targets in quality, quantity, price, and timing, so you can plan accordingly or even avoid them entirely.
  8. SATURAS –


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