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Satellite Events 2015

Tuesday, 28 April, 09:00-18:00    – HALL A5
Wednesday, 29 April, 16:00-18:00     – HALL A4 & A5 


AGRIthon 2015 Event

AGRIthon is a 2-day intensive ideation jam and venture creation workshop to develop innovative solutions for smallholder farmers. The AGRIthon will take place on April 28-29th, parallel to this year’s Agritech Israel, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies, bringing together thousands of leading agricultural players from a around the world.
As part of this program we are reaching out to organizations and companies working with smallholder farmers to submit challenges which teams will work on along with both Israeli and international agricultural experts during this 2-day intensive venture development workshop. Prototype solutions developed at “AGRIthon” will be presented at a closing event at the Agritech Conference at 3:30pm on April 29th. Potentially viable solutions will subsequently be supported to bring these new technologies to market.

There are various ways for you and your company or organization to take part in this event:

  1. Submit a challenge: Challenges can be submitted through this form. 

Two weeks prior to the AGRIthon a cohort of outstanding Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators will have the opportunity to select challenges they will work on at the AGRIthon. We will connect submitters of selected challenges with the teams prior to the AGRIthon to begin working on potential solutions. 

  1. Send a company representative to consult teams during the course of the AGRIthon: There will be opportunities for this at 2:30 – 4pm or 4:45- 6:30pm on April 28th. 
  1. Join as an AGRIthon participant:

We are inviting selected Israeli and International companies and organizations to send representatives to take part in the duration of the AGRIthon, which will run from 8am – 7pm on April 28th and 8am – 6pm on April 29th. 

  1. Attend the final presentation: This will take place at 3:30 – 6pm on April 29th at Agritech Israel.  The event will include a keynote speaker, pitch presentations by AGRIthon participants and a panel of Agritech experts dealing with smallholder farmers.

Please register using the following form.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
The AGRIthon Team
Efrat ben Yehezkel, Head of Economic Department, The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute,, 03-5142820.
Gilad Peled, Director, Agro-Technology, Water & Cleantech Department, The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute ,, 03-5142957.

Tuesday, 28 April, 09:00-12:35                                                                       HALL A1
Tuesday, 28 April, 13:00-15:00                                                                       HALL A1

Israel’s Agro-Technology for China Market
Tuesday, 28 April, 15:00-18:00                                                                       HALL A1
Wednesday, April 29, 09:00-11:30                                                                    HALL A1

Growing for the future – Israeli and Romanian Cooperation Seminar
Wednesday, April 29, 11:00-15:00                                                                    HALL A4
Management in large intensive dairy farms

English          Hebrew          Arabic          Chinese
Wednesday, April 29, 11:30-15:30                                                                    HALL C1

UK – Israel Agritech Workshop

The UK and Israel are both leaders in agricultural science. In recent years, the UK has pioneered new approaches to sustainable farming practices. World class UK retailers are at the forefront of greater consumer awareness in the governance and standards of food production. Likewise, Israel is a global leader in AgriTech.

The UK and Israel are therefore well positioned to play a leading role in the global challenge of the
sustainable intensification of agriculture: producing more with less input.

Wednesday, April 29, 12:30-15:00                                                                   HALL A1 

Israel-Russian Opportunities for cooperation in agrcultural sector
Wednesday, April 29, 15:30-19:00                                                                    HALL C4


This event is a must for Israeli companies, government representatives and researchers dealing with post harvesting, food production, retail and imports.

The issue of food waste has had an increasingly high profile. It is estimated that 30–50% of all food produced in the world ‘never reaches a human stomach’. This equates to between 1.2 and
2 billion tons of food going to waste each year. In Israel food worth more than NIS 1 billion is destroyed annually.

There are a number of initiatives to prevent food loss and waste across the whole supply chain, but when will they have an impact, not only on the amount of food thrown away each year, but also on the vast amounts of land, water and energy devoted to growing, processing and transporting food destined to never be eaten?

The Netherlands Embassy in Tel Aviv in association with the Israel Ministry of Environment, the Israel Export Institute and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce is organizing a business and knowledge event on April 29, 2015, at the Agritech 2015 exhibition with a view to boost B2B and K2K cooperation. At this event leading Dutch and Israeli experts will present market trends, government policy and  innovations in the field of food loss reduction and post harvesting. Dutch manufacturers will present innovative products and technologies aiming at reducing food waste.

Attached please find the seminar program. Registration can  be done at
We look forward seeing you on April 29, 2015!