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?Start-up agrotechnology
We created for you the opportunity to participate in Agritech 2018
!Let’s show the innovation

Kenes Exhibitions in cooperation with the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy and MATIMOP are organizing for 19th time AGRITECH 2015. Exhibition and Conference, to be held on 8-10 May 2015, a unique opportunity to expose the startup agro technology. The Innovation Pavilion, sponsored by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy and MATIMOP, will host the events for exposure and support programs funded by the chief scientist of our collaborators. The pavilion will be a major attraction of the exhibition and will host all delegations of foreign VIPs, exhibition  visitors, foreign investors, representatives of leading international companies and prominent factors in agriculture, water and environment relevant to agriculture, also companies that manufacture high-tech products or technology, which will be chosen by an examination committee:Eligible to enter the booth

  • Pavilion 6 sq.m  (3X2).
  • Subsidized price, which stands at 6000NIS + VAT.
  • The light is an important issue, the sponsors decided to bear part of the expenses to the participants / companies chosen to present at the exhibition. The technical specifications and the final cost will be determined additionally. For your attention! The committee of organizers will determine eligibility based on the criteria above and others.
  • The design of the pavilion will be uniform, constructed by the event organizers and embedded marketing materials that will be given by exhibitors.

Innovation Pavilion participating company will receive:

  • International Meeting and Exposure to create cooperation opportunities with representatives of the agricultural sector, water and the environment from all over the world.
  • Over 70 international delegations and thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad.
  • A meeting with manufacturers, integrators, engineers, designers, researchers, developers, investors, academics, purchasing and decision-makers in local and international markets.
  • A way for business meetings coordinated in advance, to help create future collaborations with potential customers.
  • Exposure focused on innovation pavilion on the exhibition’s website and in all advertising and marketing materials accompanying the event.
  • Media coverage and exposure to local and foreign media.

?Still do not know the Agritech Israel 2015 Event
Agritech 2015 is the flagship event of the State of Israel in the field of agricultural technologies, water and the environment for agriculture. The exhibition expected to be visited by over-70 business delegations, ministers of agriculture and water, journalists and thousands of visitors from Israel and around the world. The event will present Israel’s agriculture industry and innovation capabilities of its various fields of agriculture such as irrigation and water treatment, .greenhouses crops, dairy and poultry industry, development of seeds, Post-Harvest Technology and more. For example the exhibitions in 2012 and 2015 was held successfully with the participation of over 4000 visitors from more than 50 countries. The Company that meets the presented criteria, may submit a nomination to participate in the Innovation Pavilion and enjoy the subsidized price.

?How to register
The company that meets the presented criteria, may submit a nomination to participate in the Innovation Pavilion and enjoy the subsidized price.
:For contact and registration, please, send us the filled registration form to
Mrs. Eva Waisler, Project manager
Phone: 074-7457493

For the registration form, click the link

With approval from the participation committee, the participation agreement will be sent for final approval showing the general guidelines for organization. After signing the agreement, you will receive a company representative exhibition booklet containing the rules and general information for presented services. In addition, the company name will be added to the list exhibitors showing the site, including an abbreviated profile, contact details and logo.

The number of places is limited. Innovation booth registration takes place on the basis of the “first come first served”. Innovation Pavilion organizers reserve the right to exercise discretion in selecting the exhibitors.
Registration deadline: 09/03/2018

Secure a place in the innovation exhibition !