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AGRIthon 2018 Event

AGRIthon is a 2-day intensive ideation jam and venture creation workshop to develop innovative solutions for smallholder farmers. The AGRIthon will take place on April 28-29th, parallel to this year’s Agritech Israel, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies, bringing together thousands of leading agricultural players from a around the world.

As part of this program we are reaching out to organizations and companies working with smallholder farmers to submit challenges which teams will work on along with both Israeli and international agricultural experts during this 2-day intensive venture development workshop. Prototype solutions developed at “AGRIthon” will be presented at a closing event at the Agritech Conference at 3:30 pm on April 29th. Potentially viable solutions will subsequently be supported to bring these new technologies to market.

There are various ways for you and your company or organization to take part in this event:

  1. Submit a challenge: Challenges can be submitted through the provided form. 

Two weeks prior to the AGRIthon a cohort of outstanding Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators will have the opportunity to select challenges they will work on at the AGRIthon. We will connect submitters of selected challenges with the teams prior to the AGRIthon to begin working on potential solutions.

  1. Send a company representative to consult teams during the course of the AGRIthon:

There will be opportunities for this at 2:30 – 4pm or 4:45- 6:30pm on April 28th.

  1. Join as an AGRIthon participant:

We are inviting selected Israeli and International companies and organizations to send representatives to take part in the duration of the AGRIthon, which will run from 8am – 7pm on April 28th and 8am – 6pm on April 29th.

  1. Attend the final presentation:

This will take place at 3:30 – 6 pm on April 29th at Agritech Israel.  The event will include a keynote speaker, pitch presentations by AGRIthon participants and a panel of Agritech experts dealing with smallholder farmers.

Please, not that the registration is not open yet!!! As soon as the registration starts, a submission form will be uploaded on the website.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

More information about the past AGRithon 2015 challenge can be found here.

Use the opportunities provided by Agritech 2018 for organizing your satellite event!