Advanced agricultural technologies at Agritech Israel 2018 or A better way to introduce yourselves

//Advanced agricultural technologies at Agritech Israel 2018 or A better way to introduce yourselves

The easiest way to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the agriculture field is to visit Agritech Israel 2018. Meet some of our exhibitors here:


A better way to control your #hydraulicvalves

Galit 2 will be launched by M-T HYDRAULICS at the upcoming ‘Agritech 2018’ show ,this May at Tel Aviv congress center

The New GALIT is an innovative hydraulic relay, designed for control & command of water systems ,by M-T HYDRAULICS.
Operated by water pressure, the New GALIT turns normally open (N.O.) hydraulic valves to normally close (N.C.) operation.

The remote-control pressure at the new GALIT is not depended on the local pressure at the valve.
In general, a N.O. hydraulic valve closes by applying water pressure to its control chamber or actuator, i.e. the remote-control tube is full and under pressure.

The New GALIT enables the valve to be closed while its control tube is empty.
In order to overcome topographic difference of altitude between the valve and its controlling device, older hydraulic relays require changing their internal spring according to the difference in altitude.

The New GALIT includes an adjustable spring that can easily be set to the required pressure by a turn of a screwdriver; feature that eliminates the need to disassemble the product in the field.


באופן אישי: אהר’לה נהרן וירון שיפמן, נ. פלדמן

חברת נ. פלדמן עברה תהפוכות משמעותיות בשנים האחרונות, ששיאן התמקד בהעברת בעלות חדשה עם רכישתה על ידי קבוצת תפארת ב-2016. נ. פלדמן הנה יבואנית ציוד חקלאי וצמ”ה מהוותיקות בארץ שבמידה רבה היתה שרויה בשנים האחרונות במצב של קפיאה על שמריה, כאשר העברת הבעלות – במקביל להזרמת דם צעיר ורוח של מוטיבציה – עשתה ועושה לה רק טוב. צעד משמעותי ראשון היה גיוסו ביולי בשנה שעברה של איש הצמ”ה הוותיק אילייה וינוקור לתפקיד ראש תחום הצמ”ה בחברה, במקביל עם ריענון הזיכיונות הקיימים ורכישת זיכיונות נוספים לתחום ציוד העפר הכבד. נ. פלדמן היתה פעילה בתחום זה במשך שנים רבות, עד שבשנים האחרונות תחום זה הלך והוזנח וכמעט נעלם, כאמור – עד לכניסת הבעלים החדשים לחברה.

אגריניוז: מתי וכיצד תחשפו את דגמי קייס החדשים בפני הציבור?

החלטנו השנה להשתתף בתערוכת ‘אגריטך’ שתיערך בגני התערוכה בתל אביב בין ה-8 ל-10 במאי. יהיה מתחם נפרד לניו הולנד ומתחם נפרד לקייס, תוך תקווה שכל הכלים הרלוונטיים יעמדו שם לעיון הציבור. כמובן שתהיה פעילות ממוקדת נוספת בלי קשר לתערוכה, כאשר בשלב זה אנו עדיין בשלבי התכנון, כך שעוד אין לי לו”ז לספר לך.


One of the most interesting #developments to be presented at the exhibition “Agritech 2018” in Tel Aviv is the premiere of an #advancedcamera that is supposed to serve the #farmers in the field of #agriculture. ASIO VISION is a subsidiary of RDT.

אגריניוז: תודה רבה ובהצלחה!


Roots to debut world-first tech at Agri-Tech Israel 2018

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Limited has announced it will showcase its world-first innovative agricultural solutions at Agri-Tech Israel 2018, one of the leading international agri-tech exhibitions, being held in in Tel Aviv this week.

ROO will be showing its various technologies, which it believes has the capability to dramatically assist the world’s smallholding farmers.

Now in its 20th year, Agri-Tech is one of the key international agriculture conference and exhibitions. This year’s conference in Israel will focus on agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions, providing an excellent opportunity for ROO to exhibit its technology, including:

  • Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) off-grid system to produce food crops using irrigation sourced only from humidity in the air and energy from the sun or wind;
  • An advanced hydroponic nutrient-temperature controlled self-assembly greenhouse using root zone temperature optimisation (RZTO) technology, created in partnership with Teshuva Agricultural Projects (TAP) that is already receiving positive feedback about produce quality and shortened growing cycles at the research and development site.

Already ROO has noted a high level of interest from international delegates in the IBC/ IBC off-grid systems and RZTO technology.

ROO’s technology is purpose-built to enable the production of food crops in remote semi-arid areas with no access to grid electricity or irrigated water. The company has successfully demonstrated it can sustain the full growth cycle of high protein crops via irrigation sourced only from humidity in the air. This will be showcased to the industry for the first time at the conference.

In addition, the company will present its hydroponic nutrient-temperature controlled greenhouse which it has developed in conjunction with Teshuva Agricultural Projects (TAP). The modular greenhouse utilises ROO’s patented RZTO technology, allowing farmers to assemble the product themselves.

The cutting edge technology involves ‘hydroponic nutrient film techniques (NFT)’, where water containing dissolved nutrients is used for crop growth and re-circulated past bare plant roots. This process results in higher yields, lower operating costs, more efficient production facilities and ultimately, increased profitability for farmers.

A research development site for the TAP hydroponic nutrient-temperature controlled greenhouse has attracted high praise from farmers testing the installation over the last month, with outcomes such as 20% shorter growth cycles for leafy greens.

These benefits would allow a farmer to plant and harvest additional growing cycles year-round and thereby increase their income.

It should be noted, however, that this is an early stage tech company and success is no guarantee. Investors should seek professional financial advice before making an investment.

Roots CEO and co-founder, Sharon Devir commented on today’s announcement: “Roots is excited to participate in one of the world’s most prominent agricultural conferences. The world needs this new type of thinking to address environmental challenges brought on by ecosystem degradation and pollution, reduced access to water, more severe weather conditions and higher energy prices.

“Agri-Tech Israel 2018 is the perfect forum for us to show industry leaders the ways we are looking to improve production efficiency and increase yields to optimise use of arable land for the world’s famers. We also look forward to updating the world’s agriculture and agri-tech leaders about everything Roots has accomplished since the 2017 event.

“In addition to building the team to keep developing the IBC and RZTO product innovation we’re showcasing this year, we listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December2017, raising AU$5 million. We established pilot and demo systems in Spain, Australia and Israel and already have sales in Israel and China.

“We signed distribution agreements in China with Dagan, conditional on $US19 million in sales on the basis of the agreement continuing for five years, and Australia with Adam Water Solutions Technology. And we’ve continued our proof of concept research on young apricot trees in Australia, mature avocado trees in Israel, basil in both countries, as well as a host of other high-value crops in Spain.

“With international delegates already expressing interest in our cutting-edge technology IBC and RZTO technology, we are confident that this exhibition will provide additional commercial opportunities for the company,” she said.

Agrotech company Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. has signed a distribution contract in China likely to amount to $19 million over five years. The company develops and markets a system that makes it possible to heat and cool crop roots, while consuming very little energy. See more :

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